Sunrise FS Valley Irrigation

21923 U. S. Highway 136 E
Havana, IL 62644

Phone: (309) 535-3610
Toll Free: (800) 627-3610
FAX: (309) 535-2804 

Business Manager: Brian Behrends
Billing Manager: Mike Hopps
Parts Manager: Paul Niederer



While our product is the best in the industry, we pride ourselves even more in our excellent service. Summer service or winter repair, our team is qualified and specialized to meet every challenge they are given. We strive to provide efficient ways to meet the service needs of our customers and have created, with great results, a Winterization Program for all Valley and non-Valley center pivots new or old. We also offer custom underground pipe and wire installation and repair. Our underground crews are the best in the area and will install or repair your project right the first time.

Service Commitment To Our Customers

  • We commit to "work on any electric brand" so that you can rely on us for a one-stop service center.
  • We commit to stock all parts standard to electric pivots to give you prompt, on time service and parts needs.
  • We commit to respond within 48 hours after any weekday call to have your system running after a standard mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • We track any call backs to determine if we failed in any way to correct the problem the first time and if so we bill only what it would take to fix the problem correctly the first time.
  • We offer an annual "Winterization and Preventative MaintenanceProgram" to protect and revitalize your center pivot.
  • Our service men are trained and updated each year at a company sponsored service school to make sure they are current with all product changes and needs.
  • Each of our trucks contain the necessary equipment and parts needed to get your system going as quickly as possible.
  • We offer pivot insurance to provide you complete service in one location.