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Turn Your YieldON™. Boost Your Field Results & ROI.

YieldON is a biostimulant that stimulates natural processes to increase the number of pods per plant (seeds per pod) in soybeans and the number of kernels per row in corn.

Nutrient Transport & Use Efficiency

A better flow of sugar to developing seed, resulting in better corn tip-fill and soybean pod retention.

Seed Retention & Development

Bigger and heavier seeds by storing more plant energy for increased yields.

Seed Capacity & Resulting Test Weight

A crop that maximizes the production and storage of starch that becomes more bushels.

Application Timing

Corn: V10-R2
Soybeans: R1-R3
Wheat: Flag leaf through heading
Alfalfa: 7 to 14 days after each cutting
Rate: 1.5 pt/A foliar application

Great Tank-Mix Partner with Fungicides

photo of sprayer in field

Proven Results

Trials were conducted by FS MiField® applied research throughout the Midwest on corn and soybean and the results speak for themselves. Results included more kernels, greater tip fill, more pods, more beans and increased yield.

YieldON FS MiField Trials

MiField Applied Research data from 2020-2023. Trials conducted by FS System customers in real-world farming 
environments and practices.

image of YieldON corn kernel comparison

Trial completed by New Century FS in Whitten, IA. Ears treated showed greater kernel depth compared to control. Overall 5 bushel increase for treated vs control.

How does YieldON increase crop productivity?

The most innovative technologies such as Genomics, Phenomics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) allowed researchers to detect expressed genes - related to the increase of plant productivity - directly on corn and soybean.  In trials, plants treated with YieldON, when compared to untreated, revealed those genes which are most influenced by YieldON. 

Molecular Results Describe YieldON’s Modes of Action

YieldON Promotes Better Transport of Sugars and Nutrients and Promotion of Cell Division

How was YieldON developed?

Innovative Approach to Research

Syngenta® Biologicals carried out an integrated “omics & field-trials” approach to characterize the physiological effect of YieldON using different model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana, maize and soybean). The focus was primarily on gene expression and plant phenomic analyses. Thanks to the last “Next Generation Sequencing Technology” researchers accurately detected all expressed genes for agronomically relevant crops like corn and soybean. The results at the molecular and morphometric/physiological levels complemented the evidence found in field trials.

YieldON leverages a new combination of extracts never before used!

YieldON extracts - Fucaceae (Seaweeds), Poaceae, Chenopodiaceae

YieldON contains a selection of extracts from three families of plants and seaweeds and is enriched with three micronutrients: manganese, zinc, and molybdenum. This formula aids in the efficiency of the plant’s physiological processes responsible for seed development and resulting yield.

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Disclaimer: YieldON is a registered trademark of Valagro S.p.A and used with permission by Syngenta Group.

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